Winter in Timber Frame Homes

Many wished for a white Christmas, and many got their wish. The Christmas Storm of 2010 will be remembered as one that snuck upon the East Coast and the South, bringing snow to places that hadn’t seen Christmas snow for decades…or ever. Homes were cloaked in white. Timber frame homes were especially beautiful, with their white roofs and lights through the windows.

Goshen timber frame homes are wrapped in energy efficient panels, keeping the cold out and the warm in. Even with vaulted ceilings and expansive open spaces, no heat was lost. Roofs showed no warm air escaping, no tell-tale lines of heat leaking into the cold.

Timber frame homes are classic.  They can be designed to fit any style that pleases you and can be designed to fit any locale, any neighborhood.   They can have walls of windows to help “daylight” the home and to bring the outdoors in.

Timber frames make perfect smaller homes.  With no need for load bearing walls, spaces open up easily and with flexibility unavailable in other types of construction.

So as you ponder your dream home, think timber frame.  Check out the timber frame plans at Goshen Timber Frames and sign up to be the first to see new plans at TimberStead.  And however you build, build boldly!

Timber Frame Plans for Your Timber Frame Home

Timber frame home plans are now available for sale at TimberStead . Whether you are looking for a smaller timber frame house plan or a larger hybrid home plan or timber frame plan, you’ll find it.

TimberStead is the plan division of Goshen Timber Frames, offering full builders sets of plans at affordable prices. The plans can be used as they are designed or have them revised by Goshen or by your own designer. These plans, both full timber frame home plans and hybrid house plans, have been built nationwide.

While you’ll find some timber frame plans on home plan sites, most don’t include a full set of timber frame plans, but the TimberStead plans include plans for your timber frame. So take time to visit TimberStead and begin your journey to your new timber frame home.

And when you build, remember to Build Boldly.

Topping Out a New Timber Frame Home

The weather cooperated and Howard and Cindy topped out their new timber frame under brisk Carolina blue skies on November 5th.  Timber frames are stunning and when the frame is standing proud, without any enclosure, it is absolutely magnificent.

This new timber frame will provide shelter for them, shelter unsurpassed in beauty and comfort.   But, for today, it just provided an amazing backdrop for their smiles.

And their smiles tell it all. They decided to build and to build boldly!

Two Goshen Timber Frames Going Up This Week

Team Goshen has been busy. This week two new homes will sport Goshen frames! With interest rates down and interest in beautiful, energy efficient, sustainable homes up, Goshen is busy.

Howard and Cindy worked with Goshen to design and build their new home in the far western mountains of North Carolina. A great home!  And Goshen partnered with architect Philip Buchanan to design and build JohnGoshen Timber Frame Home and Barbara’s new timber frame near Asheville.  A great contemporary home with beautiful lines.

Goshen Timber Frames

New Timber Frame Home Plans

Timber frame home plans are as varied as the people who build and live in them.  At Goshen, we’ve worked with hundreds of clients over the years and have designed almost every style of home.    Many of these plans are now on our website as an inspiration to those who are on the “timber frame journey”.

We often add new plans.  Plans that make the cut offer style and floor plans that work. Here is a sneak preview of a couple of plans that will soon be added to our website.

The Chandler offers curb appeal and a lot of room on a smaller footprint. This plan works well in almost any location.  Designed as a hybrid, it can also be a full timber frame.

The West Oak is simple in design and long on style.  With a first floor master suite and two additional bedrooms upstairs, it offers space and flexibility.

Check out The Chandler and The West Oak.


If you’d like more information on one of these plans or on any of Goshen’s other designs or design services, just drop us an email. These timber frame plans and others are available to purchase at TimberStead Timber Frame Home Plans.

Timber Frames – Scaling Down to Smaller Homes

Once again, after a week of great meetings with people who are exploring their timber frame home design opportunities, I come back to a basic truth. Timber frames provide more living space per square foot than other building methods. Timber frame homes, with open spaces and volume, just feel larger than their actual footprint. I talked about this same concept in an earlier article and I’d like to carry that idea a little further (

I believe that maybe our new, smaller space deserves to be treated as new space and not burdened with all of our treasures.  If you are planning a retirement home (or a retreat), it might be time to rethink your priorities and the “stuff” that has followed you through life (I don’t mean your spouse).  Do you need to take everything that you’ve loved (and dusted, polished, moved, etc) with you as you move forward or is it time to pass it on to the younger generation or to someone who can love (and dust, polish, move) it? Wouldn’t your son or daughter enjoy the bedroom set that you inherited from Grandma today even more than waiting to inherit it from you? Couldn’t you choose a few pieces that bring the past into your home and share the rest? If the kids aren’t interested, there is someone out there who would love it. Donate or sell what you don’t love and need.

Timber frames have their own beauty. The heavy timbers and their craftsmanship carry their own history. So as you design your timber frame home, think about what would enhance your life and what you’d just move because you’ve always moved it into your new home. Step into your retirement home with memories and a new uncluttered space. Plan your space to allow you to live long and well, thinking more about pieces that will give you extra storage so you can plan a smaller home.

Think about how you really live and don’t add extra space, plumbing fixtures, cabinetry, etc, just because you’ve always had them. It is important to think about resell in designing any home, but don’t sacrifice your comfort (or pocketbook) today for something someone else may want in a new home. If you are leaving corporate world and won’t wear suits every day will you really need as much closet space? If you love showers and hate baths, do you need a bathtub that takes space and requires cleaning in your master bathroom? Or could it be relegated to a guest bathroom? In this process remember that a timber frame has no bearing walls. If someone wants to remodel after you’ve left the home, they have far fewer problems than remodeling a stick-framed home. So plan your home for your life, not someone else’s.

Smaller homes do live as well as larger homes. They just live differently. Spend time thinking about how you will live in your timber frame and bring those thoughts to the table as you plan your new home. Enjoy it because it provides shelter for the body and soul and not because you made it large enough to accommodate everything from your past.

And however you build, whatever you build, just Build Boldly.

Timber Frame Porches Add Outdoor Living Space

Timber frame porches add much to your home.  Whether they offer grand and exciting views of majestic mountains and relaxing water or are reminiscent of Grandma’s front porch and overlook a front lawn, they expand your living space. Your home feels larger when opened up to the outdoors.  That cup of coffee tastes better when sipped from a rocker on the porch.

Porches shelter us from wind, rain, and sun.  They are inviting and welcoming to all who approach. Timber frame porches frame the scenery in massive timbers and remind us of the trees that are living forward as posts and beams.

Sitting on the porch with family and friends brings everyone closer.  Conversation is easier and time spent is well spent. Pets are welcome and enjoy being part of the family as they move in closer. Dogs know that they are only a stick’s throw away from a game.

If you are planning your timber frame home, don’t short change your porches and if you aren’t planning on building a new home, a timber frame porch can add wonderful living space, value, and charm to your existing home.

Raising Timber Frames

Raising timber frames is the icing on the cake for a timber frame crew.  It’s where all their hard work and craftsmanship becomes apparent and the WOW factor kicks in. Timber frames aren’t exactly an example of instant gratification, but they certainly are a source of delayed gratification.  On May 5 underneath Carolina blue skies, the Goshen team watched as Glenn, proud owner of a new timber frame home, topped out his new frame.  

Raising day is always an event.  In this case, it was Cinco de Mayo and, of course, the lunch fare was Mexican food. Casa de Soledad  was a nice backdrop to the meal, with the sun shining through the timbers and a sense of the job well done adding to the atmosphere.   It just doesn’t get any better than that.

Sherry and Glenn were there from Cincinnati with their sons, planning for days in the not to distant future when they’ll sit and enjoy the view from the greatroom of this wonderful new timber frame home.

In the meantime, there is work to be done.  The decking and panels will be finished and the Goshen crew will be back doing what they love, working with chisels and mallets on the next new Goshen Timber Frame.

Timber Frame Home Plan Worksheet

Planning and designing your new timber frame home can be challenging.  Here at Goshen we have three favorite words when it comes to home design.  They are:  Plan, Plan, Plan.

We’ve released a new tool for home planning.  While it isn’t meant to provide the only information you’ll need to build a home, it will help you think through how you will live in and use your new timber frame.

This worksheet can be saved, printed, or filled out online and sent to us, if you’d like to discuss your project with us.  Fill in as much or as little information as you wish, but remember that the more thought you put into the design process early on, the easier it will be to reach decisions that will impact your style, size, and budget.

Timber frames allow much flexibility in design and live much larger than conventionally framed homes that require interior walls to carry loads.

So begin your design process and always remember whatever you build, build boldly.