Topping Out a New Timber Frame Home

The weather cooperated and Howard and Cindy topped out their new timber frame under brisk Carolina blue skies on November 5th.  Timber frames are stunning and when the frame is standing proud, without any enclosure, it is absolutely magnificent.

This new timber frame will provide shelter for them, shelter unsurpassed in beauty and comfort.   But, for today, it just provided an amazing backdrop for their smiles.

And their smiles tell it all. They decided to build and to build boldly!

Raising Timber Frames

Raising timber frames is the icing on the cake for a timber frame crew.  It’s where all their hard work and craftsmanship becomes apparent and the WOW factor kicks in. Timber frames aren’t exactly an example of instant gratification, but they certainly are a source of delayed gratification.  On May 5 underneath Carolina blue skies, the Goshen team watched as Glenn, proud owner of a new timber frame home, topped out his new frame.  

Raising day is always an event.  In this case, it was Cinco de Mayo and, of course, the lunch fare was Mexican food. Casa de Soledad  was a nice backdrop to the meal, with the sun shining through the timbers and a sense of the job well done adding to the atmosphere.   It just doesn’t get any better than that.

Sherry and Glenn were there from Cincinnati with their sons, planning for days in the not to distant future when they’ll sit and enjoy the view from the greatroom of this wonderful new timber frame home.

In the meantime, there is work to be done.  The decking and panels will be finished and the Goshen crew will be back doing what they love, working with chisels and mallets on the next new Goshen Timber Frame.