The Beauty of Standing Timber Frames

Timber frames take your breath away as they stand in all their awe inspiring majesty.  It seems like a shame to cover them with panels and siding, doesn’t it.   The sheer beauty of the timbers and joinery are enough for most of us.  When you add in the facts that they offer unsurpassed structure and will shelter for generations, it’s hard to imagine why anyone would build any other way.Timber Frame Wisconsin

John shared photos of the new home he and Suzy are building in Door County, Wisconsin.  It will bring smiles to all who enter and, to Suzy, it brought tears as she gazed at the finished structure.  Such is the beauty and what a great testament to that beauty.

So, another Goshen Timber Frame will carry forward for centuries, sharing memories with families and friends as they live their lives and share their stories.

Everyone chooses to build and live in a timber frame Door County Timber Framesfor their own reason.  Whether they enjoy the tradition or the massive timbers, the home is special and amazing.   A timber frame should reflect the wishes of the owner.  It should offer a look at the choices made and the reasons they are choices  made.

When working with your timber framer to design your frame, consider what you expect from your new home and how to best meet these expectations.

Timber frames, if you build, build boldly.