Timber Frames and Daylighting

Daylighting is a design and build technique that allows window placement so that natural daylight can be used as internal lighting in homes and buildings.  Timber frames make daylighting an easy and natural process.

In a timber frame home, the posts and beams carry the structure, with panels (or another enclosure method) wrapped around this superstructure.   Walls can literally be built with windows, but that probably isn’t a good choice in most homes simply because of the energy efficiency.  However, it is wise to install as many properly placed windows as feasible to minimize the electric light needed during the day.

Natural light provides a more comfortable light and, limiting the number of lights that need to burn is an energy saving measure.

Dalighting should be considered for all new homes, working with your designer and timber framer to place windows to take advantage of the orientation of your timber frame.   There are many options … windows, skylights, clerestory windows, light shelves, and even sunrooms.   Using your site and orientation, the style of home you chose, and your lifestyle, the architect or designer will help you to make choices that will enhance the light in your new home.

Don’t discount the comfort factor of natural light.

And remember to not only build, but build boldly!

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